Handmade jewellery with hand push gravers

Ignacio Fayol

My story

My beginnings date back more than 20 years, when at the age of 14 I started working in the family's jewellery engraving workshop. There, my father Juan Fayol Regas, taught me with dedication, patience and great affection everything he learned from his teachers in Barcelona, where there were great workshops, with very refined techniques.

Handmade engravings all over the world

With the arrival of the Internet, I had the opportunity to publicize my work, so my engravings reached anyone who appreciated my work in any corner of the world. The truth is that the Internet has given a huge boost to all the craftsmanship that have remained faithful to ancient techniques, and engraving to burin has been one of them.


At present, I am working in my small workshop, where I dedicate a great deal of time to make handcrafted engravings on different items such as heraldic rings and in general any metal where my burins find inspiration.

Artisan engravings in jewelry

History of engraving with burin

The buril is a small tool similar to a chisel but with a wooden handle, instead of hitting it with a hammer you take out the metal chip pushing with your hand, in this video you can see how it is the art of engraving a buril.


Since ancient times, burins have been used for metal carving work, and the technique has been perfected over time.

My engravings

All my engravings are made entirely by hand, without any kind of pneumatic or electrical tools, so the final result is a fine and historical work.